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Notes on yonge dundas square network and portal pages.


Mo's currently working on a second draft of the yd portal page containing the following blocks:

  • Network stats
  • Venue welcome
  • Events (near) here
  • News (local)
  • Conduct notice
  • Related links (these will link directly to canned searches)

Design to be complete by May 30th. Completion (may) include porting to a compatible or similar Wordpress theme.


All links will be click-tracked. Mo will research a suitable click tracker (possibly google analytics, if it allows external links to be tracked)

Gabe to write scraper to save open-mesh stats.


Gabe will flash and install new routers. If these go in before the new portal page is ready, they'll be set to use the existing portal page. (No login page.)

Block coding

Gabe will write any necessary code to make blocks functional.

What does this mean? Like rss feeds and stuff? -Gabe
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