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Venue relations projects:

  • invoicing
    • Teriyaki Experience: $1,050 (talk to them first!)
    • Harbourfront: $250
    • St. Lawrence Market: network membership renewal ($250) + connectivity costs
    • other venues
  • Venue sprint!
  • find big venues to target and/or BIAs

Promotion projects:

  • post announcement of our two newest venues: Woody's and Fade-In Cafe
  • improve public website
  • source better stickers
  • add a “governance” page to the public website

Volunteer coordination projects:

  • recruit, recruit, recruit!

Sponsorship & fundraising

  • Follow up on Linksys and Teksavvy sponsorship opportunities
  • Follow up on CSI-ENP grant opportunity
  • Look for free consulting to help us put together a business plan
  • Have meetings with potential sponsors to figure out what would be of value to them

Operations projects:

  • better coverage in Dufferin Grove Park
  • better coverage at Yonge-Dundas Square
  • research increasing Harbourfront coverage to include the Enwave Theatre
  • inquire: better coverage at Woody's?
  • install a power cut-off switch at St. Lawrence Market and show some tenants how to use it
  • fix openvpn on a few routers
  • make sure that auth server logs are rotating and that it's being properly backed up

Technical Support projects:

  • build a team & figure out how to manage requests
  • design a support FAQ for the website and phone system

R&D projects/tasks:

  • implement a small-scale mesh to test Acctons, explore feasibility of a larger network
  • fix portal pages
  • implement a hotspot monitoring system
  • improve hotspot email notifications
  • experiment with alternative auth servers to help decide what our tech roadmap is
  • figure out why “Internet connection is down” message doesn't often show up at venues
  • build a scraper for events, to include them on our portal pages
  • determine the feasibility of a mac-address-based bandwidth accounting system w/greylist & blacklist
  • correct a typo in the validation email and account creation web page

Portal page projects:

  • see what APIs are available, start implementing!
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