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July 15, 2009

At George's request, Gabe went by today to switch the wifi router from the Rogers modem to the new Bell modem. The Bell modem hadn'e yet been installed. I confirmed that the wifi coverage is good, and that the connection from the wifi router to the back office is reliable – the flakiness appears to be coming from the Rogers service. Bell technicians are coming in to set up the service, and everything will get flipped over to that – hopefully that will be the end of the problems they've been having.

March 23, 2007

George has reported that the signal wasn't available in the Studio/Melrose rooms and that people were getting timed-out after 15 minutes.

The router was moved 4 feet away from its original location and out of a corner.

Spent about 90 minutes walking around the restaurant while downloading the Ubuntu ISO, watching a 9/11 doc from YouTube, and pinging Some buffering but a pretty good signal for the most part.

A second router could be placed closer to the two rooms, and more central within the restaurant. WDS or Mesh would be required.

– Michael

March 2007

Router is located behind the bar at the front of the restaurant.

Internet access originates in George's office (back of kitchen). An electrician ran Cat5 from there to the front bar.

– Michael

January 12, 2007

Installed by Gabe.

#George's office computer
TrustedMACList 00:40:ca:a9:2c:d2  
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