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November 13, 2009

Need to add the register to the white list so that the owner leaves our router alone. It is being timed out and he needs to login to get online and do sales. New system?

# this is for the register, which uses net connection (+VPN) to speak to Lettieri mothership                                       

TrustedMACList 00:08:9b:b1:2f:10

Kiosk is no longer present, MAC removed


January 10, 2007

They installed their coin-op Internet kiosk today, plugging it into our router. Of course, it didn't work, 'cause it kept displaying the WT login page. I whitelisted the kiosk's MAC address:

# this is for the coin-op Internet kiosk, installed Jan 10 2007                                                    
TrustedMACList 00:17:31:08:1F:05                                                                


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