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March 2, 2017

Gabe heard today that the hotspot was down. I checked the logs, and indeed – no logins since Feb 23. I didn't manage to get the key, but went to the venue. I couldn't get online, but I could ssh into the wireless router. When I disabled wifidog, I could ping the internet, but it was flaky. I rebooted the router. When it came back up, the router wasn't getting an IP address from the modem. I waited 10 minutes and checked again, and it was all working.

OpenVPN still isn't working. It seems to be because the certificate has expired. Oops.

December 10, 2016

Gabe went to the site today to get it back online. There was no ethernet link between the router and the DSL modem, so I swapped in a new router. To set up the new router, I changed the IP address, SSID (since it's a custom one at this venue), and whitelisted the solar device. When I left, it was working great.

October 30, 2014

The City has switched the DSL service from Teksavvy to Bell. In the process they had to reconfigure the modem. The details are saved in private:venues:. The hotspot is now up again!

June 22, 2013

Official launch was today. The wifi coverage is quite good, but the signal strength drops off quickly outside the shed. Even nearby, the devices I checked with showed just one or two bars. This isn't a problem in practice, but it looks bad. Putting a new antenna on might help. Or a more powerful router.

At Noel's insistence, I changed the SSID to “[wt] Dawes Crossing.”

May 17, 2013

Gabe installed this node today. It's a caseless WRT54G in a lockable outdoor enclosure, inside the utility shed in the park. The DSL modem is in 'router' mode, so the wifi router gets a DHCP IP. The shed is locked (and we don't have a key), and the enclosure is locked (Gabe has the key). There's a bunch of power equipment in the shed, and one device that goes online. It's plugged into the wifi router's Ethernet, and I've whitelisted its MAC address (00:1d:c0:60:58:25) in /etc/wifidog.conf.

See the Private page for more info.

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