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September 23, 2010

Gabe got a call yesterday from Brenda saying that the wifi's been down for a few days. Wifidog reported it up, and I was able to ssh in – everything looked ok. I phoned Brenda back, but she wasn't sure what was wrong with it; she doesn't use the wifi. She passed me to one of the servers, who said that people weren't able to find the 'wirelesstoronto' ssid. I said I'd have to come in to check it out.

I went by this morning, and it basically looked ok… my phone found it (I forgot my laptop at school), and I was able to log in. I noticed that there was another network on the same channel that was really loud, so I switched ours to channel 1.

As of noon, wifidog reports that there are three people logged in. I'm guessing that it was someone else's new wifi router that was clobbering ours.

January 30, 2009

The wifi went down on Tuesday. This morning Gabe went in. The problem was that the Windows machine they have in the office still had a PPPoE config on it, and it had “connected”. I assume that when a DSL modem sees a PPPoE connection coming from the local network, it drops its own. So, the computer in the office was up via PPPoE, and the rest of the network (which is just our router) was down. I disconnected PPPoE on the computer and everything immediately started working (including the computer, which also has a LAN interface configured correctly). I deleted the PPPoE settings from the computer.

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