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Toronto the Good SMS Poll


Here's a quick-ish outline of the current plan for the SMS poll we're putting together for Toronto the Good.

Questions and multiple choice responses will be projected onto the wall. Interaction is by SMSing the letter of your choice to the cell number provided. Each question is in the format 'best intersection X' and the options are 'Y Street & Z Street', with a maximum of four options per question.

The idea is to have a freeform question with each question having 2-4 intersections as the possible answers.

Hopefully this format works well as there's some challenge (where is Dufferin & Sylvan and what's the wifi there?) but at the same time there's no right answer. Plus using all intersections will let us do interesting/fun/ridiculous comparisons as the data comes in '32% of people like Dundas better than Queen with 48% staying West of Yonge'.

This is where the call for help comes in, the idea is that the questions can be developed in parallel with the system (we're going to be working on it until after the 11th hour), because they're in a consistent format. So, if you have ideas for questions then add them here.

Poll questions

Drop suggestions here:

  • Where is the best place in the city to get free wifi?
  • a) Yonge & Dundas or b) Front & Jarvis
  • Best intersection in the city for architecture buffs
  • a) McCaul & Dundas or b) University & College.
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