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Dufferin Grove Park Status
get the third router working, for indoor winter use help!
rebuild the mesh (so it's easier for us to troubleshoot research
figure out how to incorporate a MediaBox research
Massey Harris Park
set up a tunnel so that all traffic goes through auth server help!
St. Lawrence Market
survey and quote on adding a new router help!
WifiDog & Auth Server
get wifidog hotspot-down email notifications working help!
set up daily notifications to discuss list of down hotspots help!
set up stats tracker: number of users logged in, number of hotspots down, etc. help!
upgrade auth server to current version Gabe
move terminus (HALmedia) stuff to auth help!
Community Portal Pages
add locative feeds from: iBegin, upcoming, Flickr maps, blockrocker, platial, kijiji, fivelimes, Volunteer Toronto,, tupalo, cordurl, pintheglobe, flagr, happeningz,, ++ help!
find/curate content Michael
get it working Andrew
change config to disallow non-port 80 traffic until users are authenticated help!
Public website
build a form for people to create a wifidog account help!
set up news / press / upcoming events rss feed help!
make a thanks/donors acknowledgement page help!
responding to emails and phone calls (ongoing) help!
set up a ticket system to track requests help!


Events Status
organize a community wifi event in January? help!
Design & Promotion
next run of brochures? help!
signs for Dufferin Grove Park Dory
window stickers and signs help!
blog posts (ongoing) help!
New venues
pitch new venues help!
research big venues for potential pitches help!
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