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WT meeting: November 15th, 2006

Present: Dory, Edward, Ana Maria, Michael, Gabe, Paul Dowling


  • Michael met with Magda and Chris today
  • they are interested
  • very important to them: smtp smoothness
    • G would like to invisibly redirect all outgoing smtp connections from all of our hotspots to a special-purpose smtp server that we maintain, so that smtp always works without any configuration changes on the client side
    • NO ONE ELSE IS OFFERING THIS YET, so when we do offer it, let's make some noise
    • it's a little sketchy privacy-wise, but if people are concerned about privacy (and adequately savvy), they should be using secure SMTP and/or a VPN anyway, in which case they'll be unaffected
    • the nice thing about this approach is that it “just works”
    • it'll take a while to set it up – in the meantime, let's simply announce the smtp server for each spot
  • launch in time for state of the art – Michael following up


  • ink is peeling off – maybe it's not-so-compatible with Edward's printer?
  • Edward will give Gabe the overcover stuff
  • Dory will tweak colours, and add crop marks
  • Gabe will order more sticker sheets (inkjet and/or laser?)

Paul has a bunch of places he wants to sign up

  • G to send him link to portal page, pitch kit PDF
  • can a venue pay $150 fee for three years instead of $50 each year
    • yes – and it protects them from price increases during the time for which they've paid
    • but the entire amount is still nonrefundable
  • Edward: we need to think about network membership renewals for some of the venues soon

December meeting & social: scheduling

  • cancel the meeting
  • move the social to Monday, December 11th

January event

  • organizing something
  • wifi roach coach
    • one wifi-wimax backpack
    • one wifi repeater backpack
    • lots of testing required
    • lots of battery work required
  • need flyers
  • scheduling, 'cause it's during the day
  • drill batteries?
  • solar?
    • very complicated; let's hold off for now
  • next steps via email


  • Michael to follow up with Gladstone; goal is to install there by uTOpia2 launch on Nov 26
  • Dory will tweak colours in sticker art
  • Gabe to order more sticker material and find other printing options
  • Edward will (remind us to) contact venues who need to pay for another year of service


  • figure out what the SMTP server is for each of our hotspots, and find a way to include that info on the portal page
  • start working on a network-wide SMTP server, including some method of tracking (so that we can link abuse back to the associated WT user account), and the redirection on the routers
  • pick a place and (optionally) plan for the December social/holiday party
  • begin discussing the wifi roach coach
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