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  • fans (can become volunteers)
  • public (can become fans)
  • businesses (can become venues)
  • media
  • city / govt


  • facebook
  • twitter
  • flickr
  • wiki
  • pitch kit
  • portal pages
  • news list
  • events (temporary installs are smart, but only if it has tangible impacts: i.e. selling a BIA, exposure to an important audience)

stuff we want to do:

  • BoB: temporary network at bigonbloor (as many routers as possible!), and table
  • BoB: t-shirts for bigonbloor (suggested donation from volunteers; sell to others)
  • BoB: more buttons for bigonbloor (sell at our table) - “free wifi” design
  • updated brochures
  • BoB: Alex will take photos
  • venue stickers (who made the ISF ones?)
  • Alex & Hil will continue the conversation about social media and outreach
  • BoB: Mo will design a “free wifi” sign
  • BoB: we'll see if the festival can print the signs for us


  • G to give Alex access to stats
  • G will put H in touch with Ghazaleh
  • G will send button design to Mo
  • G will send name of t-shirt printing people to Hil
  • G will ask Dory for t-shirt design
  • G will see who made the old buttons, and tell Hil
  • G will send brochure design to Mo
  • Mo will do design work on brochure, buttons, stickers, signs
  • Hil will email Dory for button design
  • Alex & Hil will contrinue the conversation about social media and outreach
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