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Meeting notes, Communication/Planning meeting April 28, 2008-04-29 Squirly's.

Michele Hilary Dory Jason Hanna

I. 3rd anniversary party


“Venue Sprint” ⇒ Wifi Wrangle/Roundup

1) Prospecting for Wifi signals. Pre-sprint information gathering; mapping wifi signals in local Toronto neighborhoods. Annex, Kensington, Ossington Strip, Liberty Village.

a. Ask volunteers to search out and aggregate where all access points/wifi (non-WT signals ok) can be found. Create (LED?) map.

2) Hotspot Hootenany (Venue Sprint)

a. Date still tbd. Small teams will go out and pitch venues.

b. “Barnraising” – aim to create a mesh network in one neighborhood. This mesh will feature one new WT hotspot, which we could host the Birthday Bonanza. Suggestions: Hacienda, Supermarket.

3) Party (Sunday May 25) – venue needed. Afternoon. Celebrate and Commiserate Wifi Wrangle/Roundup.

II. PitchKit Revamp

-remake pitchkits; streamline text and physical form. 3 cardstock (?) squares joined by grommet.

The 'brochure' I was referring to as a model is here:

To do:

Rewording (hanna)

Design (dory)

Print quotes, approx. 250 from friend and Steve @ trimark (michele)

III. General To Do

Jason – mesh tweaking, list-serv prospecting

Hilary – draft press releases and timelines; new Facebook group.

Michele – Facebook admin.

Everyone – put notes onto WT wiki.

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