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from whiteboard photo:

Atkinson steps: 1) wifi survey 2) prep for meeting (via email) 3) meeting with board & Adam V

expectations to think about:

  • coverage
  • cost savings for residents
  • traffic shaping / caps
    • let's throttle, not cut off access

issues to think about:

  • education
    • Jon: youth tech group?
    • community centre
  • support (end-users, network: i.e. malware, exploits)
    • might be able to help with the security stuff?
  • informing people about bandwidth use
  • privacy policy
  • portal pages?
    1. what control does community have? can the co-op sell ads on it?
  • devices
    • old computers can get online with an old open-mesh box; new computers aren't all that expensive


  • green
  • tech training
  • economic development

Possible advisors:

  • Rhode Island folks (Michele)
  • P Frampton / (Gabe)
  • A Clement (Gabe)
  • C Middleton (Gabe)
  • planetgeek (Jon)
  • M Surman (Gabe)
  • open-mesh (Gabe)
  • ZAP Quebec (Gabe)

People to contact:

  • D. M-W
  • G Perks
  • A Heaps
  • other Government Management Committee members
  • O Chow
  • R Marchese
  • D Chartier (province; Michele)

Note: when sharing long documents via email, please provide a summary.

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