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AlleyJaunt 2007 - Wireless Toronto volunteers

The Wireless Toronto Art Squad

Garage Location Address: 158 Gore Vale Ave Toronto, ON M6J ([])

SSIDs of AJ2007 area | Zip archive containing KML file for Google Earth and plain text of unique SSID list. Google Earth tracks are not accurate, I did not magically fly over any homes. ==mp

Demarcating Wifi 'bubbles'

Swooping arches, SSID 'war chalking', and WiFi beanies.


Materials required

Coding and UI

  • chalk
  • laptop/PDA

Demonstrating network character

Random collage of images sniffed from the networks inside the defined AJ alley space.


  • Michael Pereira

Materials required

  • Projector
  • laptop/PDA with sniffing software

Coding and UI

  • something to translate sniffed packets to an artful collage.
  • possible Flash or Processing UI, should have some polish

SSID Wordplay and Poetry

Making sense of Default Linksys et al.


  • Edward Nixon

Materials required

  • magnetic labels or equivalent
  • board or metal surface - old fridge door/old fridge(s)
  • text sound - random mix - live vocal performance of names
  • List of local area names (open and hidden names)
  • Projector and screen to show words in random combinations?

Coding and UI

  • perhaps we can grab words from the air and mix with SSID names and street names
  • text randomization

==== MORE NOTES July 31 ====

  • In terms of my work on this I am trying to think about keeping it as simple as possible. Getting the exact location of our garage is critical.
  • I want to spend Saturday before walking the neighbourhood if I know where it is.
  • I also do need some tech advice on using a simple text randomizer and feeding words on the fly into a CSV file that the text randomizer can then jumble up.
  • I thought it would be a nice touch to display this on a screen on one side of the garage while on the other we displayed the random image captures. As for a screen I think it would be nice if we could get white sheets that look like the kind of thing (albeit white and clean enough to take reflect the images projected at them) you would otherwise have used in the garage.
  • I am thinking of the sound work and keeping it simple: just voice over microphone and speakers.
  • AS FOR THE FRIDGE POETRY: I am not sure if I can actually get a satisfactory solution for this organized? I think the cute as it is dynatape is not going to work. Too fussy and too small.
  • Letraset maybe but that would only work in advance. The actual 'old fridge' and magnetic letters would be OK but as an interactive task for passerby I am not sure. They won't want to write out 'default' and 'linksys' and 'mikes network' over and over. Nor should we force people into too much of a semantic box. However, I am not sure that 'interactivity' for its own sake is a good idea.
  • In order to both promote and build excitement and interest, I am thinking of putting out a call next week (or later this week) for people to send me short text pieces that would include a list words (SSIDs and place names), as either text or as sound files. I could then plug these into the mix.
  • I assume that we will indeed have AC power?
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