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If you'd like to adopt a hotspot, just sign up! You can add yourself as a tech adopter to any hotspot, even if others are already listed. If you're interested in being a portal page editor, talk to Gabe.

Tech adopters will receive email notification whenever the hotspot goes down. We'll do workshops occasionally to show tech adopters how to fix a hotspot that's down – those workshops will be announced on the “discuss” list.

Hotspot Tech adopter Portal page editor
Network-wide Gabe (gggg), Michael (monkeycycle), Dave R (yabber)
Cameron House Jason (ziggy)
Centre for Social Innovation Patrick, Gabe
Concord Cafe Gabe
Dufferin Grove Park Gabe & Michael
401 Richmond (cafe & roof garden) David M, Gabe
Fox & Fiddle [AVAILABLE]
Gusto Cafe Gabe?
Lettieri Gabe?, Dave R, Michael
Lot 16Bar Jason Jason
Massey Harris Park Gabe
minibar Michael, Dave R
Renaissance Cafe Michael
Rice Bar Patrick
Rustic Cosmo Jason
St. Lawrence Market Gabe?, Dave R
Sierra Grill Michael
Sneaky Dee's Gabe
Social Jason
The Paddock Gabe
Yonge-Dundas Square Michael, Gabe, Dave R
Teriyaki Experience Gabe
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