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 +====== troubleshooting checklist ======
 +  * is the wifi network visible?
 +  * if so, can I connect to it and get a DHCP IP address?
 +    * if not, set a static IP address on your machine, i.e.
 +    * if so, can I get online? ​ (do I see the login/​portal pages?)
 +      * if not, can I ping the router (​
 +        * if so, can I ssh into the router?
 +          * if so, is the router online?  ​
 +            * (does it have a wan ip address?: "​ifconfig"​)
 +            * (can I ping the Internet?: "ping"​)
 +          * if so, is wifidog running? ​ (if it's not, start it: "/​etc/​init.d/​S65wifidog"​)
 +Report the results of these tests on the hotspot'​s page on the [[:​technical logs]] page.
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