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 +====== Router troubleshooting ======
 +===== Generally speaking =====
 +Reboot it.  If you feel like it, note what state the router is in first (wifi on, can ssh in, etc.). ​ RECORD WHAT YOU DO in the [[Technical Logs]].
 +===== Channel conflicts =====
 +If there are many networks
 +using the same wifi channel, it can make it tough for people to see
 +and/or use ours.  Use a stumbler (iStumbler or MacStumbler for Mac,
 +NetStumbler or one of many others for Windows) to see what other
 +networks are around, and note which channels they'​re on.  Generally
 +it's best to only use channels 1, 6 and 11.  If the router'​s current
 +channel is used by many other networks (or if the wifi signal might be
 +receiving interference from other devices, like a cordless phone or
 +microwave), try switching it to another channel. ​ To do that, ssh in
 +to the router, and issue the command (to change to channel 1):
 +nvram set wl0_channel=1
 +Then (to save the change to the router'​s memory):
 +nvram commit
 +Then (for the change to take effect):
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