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 +====== June 12, 2008 ====== 
 +I was in the neighbourhood,​ so I stopped by Concord Cafe, since their node was reported on the auth server as being down for two months. ​ Bell "​upgraded"​ their DSL connection, and gave them a fancy new modem+router+wifi (it's white and thin, kind of like an airport extreme). ​ That device had detected the presence of another router on the network and had, essentially,​ disabled it.  Users who logged into wirelesstoronto would see the portal page, but from then on all HTTP requests would be routed to a nonexistent URL.  To disable this nonsense, I had to use their desktop to connect to the Bell router'​s web interface, and a dialogue popped up explaining that there'​s another router on the network, and do i want to keep it disabled? ​ When I went into the Bell router'​s web interface, I couldn'​t find the "​disable other routers"​ option -- I wouldn'​t know where to find it again if the dialogue didn't pop up.  So everything'​s working now.  ​
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