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 +====== February 7, 2007 ======
 +On 2/8/07, Dave Robertson wrote:
 +> Today, Cameron House, 5:30pm
 +> - router was unplugged from power & ethernet
 +> - iMac ethernet plugged directly into the cable modem
 +> - they are preparing for a show and the place was packed (luckily they all broke
 +> for dinner), "​Micheal"​ was not there.
 +> - I plugged in the router and wired things "​properly"​
 +> - I tested the iMac and it was online (and whitelisted)
 +> - I tested wireless and got the login page
 +> - There is/was/is NO signal what-so-ever from downstairs (in the front), but
 +> when I left I was able to connect from the street to confirm it was still up.
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