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 +**From Rob:**
 +done ... here's what i did ...
 +renewed cert at godaddy (had to call in).  renewed using original csr
 +(cert request) so i didn't have to regenerate the cert key and info.
 +installed on,​ /​etc/​apache2 ...
 +moved old cert to /​etc/​apache2/​ssl/​expired-20070408,​ dropped new cert
 +and new intermediate bundle into /​etc/​apache2/​ssl
 +gathered up new cert installation instructions (no longer .txt, now
 +.html with css, images subdir), dropped down as
 +backed up old config file /​etc/​apache2/​sites-available/​wifidog-ssl to
 +edited wifidog-ssl to put the new gd_intermediate_bundle.crt (replacing
 +stopped apache /​etc/​init.d/​apache2 stop
 +started apache /​etc/​init.d/​apache2 start (looked for OK)
 +pointed browser to https://​
 +viewed page info, clicked on security tab, clicked on view button,
 +verified that certificate expires on 2009/04/08.
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