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 ====== News ====== ====== News ======
 +**February 28, 2007**: The mediabox project is basically on-hold, except for the case of venues who have their own content which they'd like to make available to users through their WT hotspot. ​ See the February Hacknight meeting notes below.
 **February**:​ The February WT hacknight will be to work on the MediaBox. ​ [[http://​​event/​146918/​]] **February**:​ The February WT hacknight will be to work on the MediaBox. ​ [[http://​​event/​146918/​]]
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 **January 2007**: MediaBox was incorrectly called "​Mediashop"​ in the Globe & Mail article about the [[Roach Coach]]. **January 2007**: MediaBox was incorrectly called "​Mediashop"​ in the Globe & Mail article about the [[Roach Coach]].
-====== Planning ====== 
-===== February Hacknight ===== 
-At the hacknight, ​we'll work on: +====== Meeting notes ====== 
-   * pick up the project ​again after few quiet monthsreviewing what it ishow it workswhy we're doing it, and reviewing ​the decisions ​we made in the past about its ongoing ​development ​[Gabe] + 
-   * checking on the status ​of the three existing MediaBoxen [Michael & Andrew?] +===== February ​hacknight ​===== 
-   * discussing other storage options [Gabe?] + 
-   * discussing and agreeing upon functionality for phase 1 and beyond [everyone] +Wireless Toronto February hacknight notes 
-   * etc.+ 
 +(It's been a whileso I apologize that these notes won't be very detailed. ​ If you were present, please fill in any gaps I've left, or correct any mistakes I've made.) 
 +Info/​background ​on the mediabox project
 +We met at InterAccess on February 28th to work on the MediaBox ​project.  We didn't ultimately get our hands dirty with anything, but we had great discussion. 
 +Michael & Andrew each brought the MediaBox unit which they had.  We got these from Ile Sans Fil. 
 +We opened one up and looked insideand reviewed the discussions that we'd had to date about how we'd like to deploy these boxes (and how our approach ​is a little different than ISF'​s). 
 +The conversation then turned to strategy: ​how do we want to use these boxes? ​ What for?  We had clear answers for certain scenarios: the folks at the Harbourfront Centre would like to use it to make their library of documentation of art shows/​performances available. ​ Venues like the Cameron House or The Drake might like to do something similar. 
 +We didn't have any clear answers for venues who don't have their own content to share. ​ We talked about collaborative playlists and open Samba sharesbut the use-cases aren't clear -- so it seems hard to justify spending a lot of developer time on these ideaswhen there are other things we could be doing. 
 +So the conversation turned to the portal pages. ​ Specifically: ​we *can'​t* know how people could/would use the mediaboxes until we know how they could/would use the portal pages. ​  
 +A great idea came together to get user-contributed data onto the portal pages: each hotspot has an email address, and each portal page features all content which was sent to that email address. ​ Super-simple. ​ Chaotic, perhaps, but it might be a great first step to getting people to participate. 
 +To block spam, we could build a hook: email content will only be posted to the portal page if it's from a valid user's email address. ​ If that doesn'​t provide enough security, the email could be rejected if that user isn't currently logged ​in to that hotspot. 
 +Patrick indicated that he'd be interested in contributing to the development ​of this app. 
 +Conclusion: with the exception ​of venues who have content that they want to share using the mediabox, the project is essentially on hold, pending two things: 
 +  - We need a clearer sense of use-cases. 
 +  - We need to make some progress with portal pages, which is a much higher priority for us.
-====== Meeting notes ====== 
 ===== early October 2006 ===== ===== early October 2006 =====
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