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-===== Scope  ===== 
-There are three (or four?) highrises on the property, plus a number of lowrises scattered in between then (roughly in the middle) 
-Here's a map. 
-===== Questions for property manager ===== 
-  * do we have access to roofs to install these units? 
-  * is power available on roofs? 
-  * can we string ethernet cable between floors? 
-  * how is the security camera system powered (centrally via POE at a central junction, or somewhere along the path?) 
-  * if we trained members of the coop to maintain this system, would they have access to the telephone rooms/roofs etc? 
-  * are the external floodlights (wall mounted) centrally powered? or can they be used as a convenient source of local power? 
-  * can we mount oopen-mesh boxes inside the hallway light boxes? Can we mount them to power outlets? 
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