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 +====== How to reset the centre wifi router at St. Lawrence Market ======
 +===== What this is for =====
 +By far the most common reason that people are unable to connect to the wirelesstoronto network at St. Lawrence Market is that the centre router in the network has flaked out. We don't know why this happens (we've replaced the equipment three times), but we've developed an easy way to fix it. This page explains how to do that.
 +===== Will this fix your problem? =====
 +This is likely to fix your problem if:
 +  - Your device is able to connect to the network called '​wirelesstoronto',​ but you're then unable to get online
 +  - You're connecting from the main level or from the southern half of the lower level
 +For the more technically inclined:
 +  * This is likely to fix the problem if Cloudtrax (http://​​overview2.php?​id=wt-slm) is reporting that the northern two routers are up, the but southern three routers are down.
 +===== What to do =====
 +  * Go to the main level, centre aisle, facing Jarvis (see photo) ​
 +  * Walk towards the doors, and look up and to the right (see photo)
 +  * As you approach the radiator-looking-thing,​ you'll see a tangle of wires on the top left corner (see photo)
 +  * Amongst the tangle is a thing that looks like a phone jack (see photo). Unplug the phone wire from the jack, wait one second, then plug it back   in.
 +  * That's it! The network should start functioning normally within about 30-60 seconds.
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